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Redro Redriguez & His Inner Demons were formed in August 2013 by Jay Richmond (drums) and Dave "Red" Whip (Gtr/Vox). Jay scraped Dave back into performing music, and Dave scraped his best rockin' songs from the previous 15 years together.

The general plan was a band with a revolving line up, or collective, inspired chiefly by Kyuss, Sonic Youth, and The Rolling Stones.

That line up has at times included Melbourne Music luminaries such as Tarek Smallman, James Lomas, Neil Wilkinson, and Sam Mellington. The current line up includes Liam Cuffley (Drums), Mike Findlay (Bass), Toby Brandon (Guitar).

In March 2015 Redro organised some studio time to record at his home in Rye.13 songs were recorded by Red, Mike, Cuff, and Toby in one weekend. With Tarek Smallman and Neil Wilkinson called in during the overdubs to add some guitars.

Easy Magic is the resulting album


released August 11, 2015

Recorded and Produced by: Dave "Red" Whip for Redro Records

Mixed by Peter "Reggie" Bowman for Scream Louder Productions

Mastered by Cam Mitchell at www.audiomuster.com

Red: Guitar & Vox on all tracks, Percussion on Track 6

Mike Findlay: Bass on all tracks

Liam Cuffley: Drums on all tracks

Toby Brandon: Guitar on Tracks 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9,11,12,13

Tarek Smallman: Guitar on Tracks 2 and 10

Neil Wilkinson: Guitar on Tracks 4,5,6,7,8,9,11,12,13




Redro Redriguez & His Inner Demons Melbourne, Australia

Like a long drive on the coast, in a V8 Monaro. Redro Redriguez & His Inner Demons combine the laid back roll of the Stones, the down tuned fuzz of Kyuss, and the clanging, banging, chords of Sonic Youth to present rock tunes dripping in layers of velvety distortion. ... more

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Track Name: Laurel Canyon
Pack my bags in Laurel Canyon for a ride in my american muscle car
Pay by the gallon don't know what a gallon is but it don't seem to get me very far
Get in the beast and head east, of this town I'm so tired
I'm in a place where my solace is denied

On the road, in the car, at night
I just get high whenever I like

Through Joshua Tree where the half burnt body of Gram Parsons temporarily lain
Through a place where a sky full of bats drove Hunter S Thompson insane

And now the journey is starting to quiet my mind
So many good and bad things that I find

I'm sorry that sometime I throw tantrums
I'm sorry that sometimes I lose my mind
But if you want me to be there for you
When you're down
Stick with me now.
Track Name: Good Times
So every cloud's supposed to be silver lined
you can't remember when you last had a good time
You can't really call it a life
If you're at home singing to your knives

You lie in bed so fucking awake
Just wondering how much more you can take
And though your friends go to great pains
You are the world, you are the chains

When the clock runs slow
And there's nowhere you can go
Was she right is all you really want to know?
You're doing time

And we keep telling you good times are coming

Oh mama you know I can't resist
A sweet disaster, but oh the knives that follow the kiss
Cut me open left a wound thats so deep
This ain't all. all it's supposed to be
Track Name: What Have You Done To Me
I'm broke and I shiver while I stand and deliver
What Have You done to me
I've tempted and tasted but all that was wasted
What Have You done to me
I had nothing but love in my heart
What Have You done to me
Why can't you just finish what you start
What Have You done

The Days are a blur and I can't take much more I'm caught up in my grief
And I won't talk to anyone and there's no-one to blame but myself
You've got me all worried all night
Why can't you just finish what you start

What Have You done to me

I've been down for days will I die in this haze lost hold of the tether forever and ever
Track Name: The Lion
You may not be pretty, but that shouldn't matter much
And maybe your latest single isn't flying up the charts
And whats with all these structures that make winners and losers of us
You can choose a life of climbing, I'd rather choose a life of sabotage

Fuck your conventional wisdom, I am the lion
Who are you to say that I'm nothing, I am the lion

How can it be a failure if it never stops
Nothing stays the same the change will wear us all to dust
Maybe not in our lifetime, but history has made it clear
Every empires greatest fear is the power of just one idea.

Fuck your conventional wisdom, I am the lion
Who are you to say that I'm nothing, I am the lion
Track Name: Pieces of Star
Gone are all those days that I had to wait
genes and strands of DNA
Tying us down, we can never say
What it is we want

The river is wide and we are so small
We're all pieces of star an infinity old

From animals we once came
Some things we do are just the same
Territorial pissings
The occasional fighting

The river is wide and we are so small
We're all pieces of star an infinity old
And while we try to have and to hold
We can't link our minds with our distant souls
Track Name: Men
Lost boys become lost men
Lost fathers and husbands
Nobody to hold them
Such a hassle can't be friends

Imagine being born to this world and told you must earn your love
And that it's put up or shut up, because no one is really loved

Don't like looking at waves anymore they remind me of craving
Some force pushes them to the shore, and they fall back with nothing
We come from the quiet and one day we'll be gone
Put on the earth with a heart so true like a shiny diamond, that you gotta love

And we are dragged into life
Track Name: A Girls Gotta Do What A Girls Gotta Do
When we first met, there were stars in my eyes
With your dangling cigarette, and little boy smile
And we couldn't help ourselves, a child was conceived in scandal

And so we were wed, a little girls dreams
They don't mean much in towns like theses
And mummy and daddy pushed us to the altar
and I was a good girl, just as they taught her

I hadn't thought through, being with you, but a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do

The drinking, the gambling, the long nights alone
You would come home in the morning, you hadn't even phoned
And then came the beatings just short of broken bones
And I'm hiding the bruising

Well who's to blame, I just can't tell
did we both play a part in creating this hell
But your home is your castle, the place where you're safe

In the seat of your power, this kitchen is a cage
You live in a bottle
and I live with your rage
and all I want to do is to heal all your pain

Oh a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do

Memories make gritted teeth as I watch our little baby play
Love quickly faded, but on I did stay
for our child, for you, for the hope that some day you'd see me as something else than a ball on a chain
Beating me when you're drunk leave me bleeding in the rain
For all my dreams of being loved that never came true
Oh a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do

I scream and I yell
It all bounces off you
But I know of one thing that will penetrate through
For all my dreams of being loved that never came true
Oh a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do
Track Name: Linear
This is a linear world it would seem in my mind
where people try to love another one at a time
your present may resent your past
we're only supposed to have one and they are supposed to last

Maybe emotion means nothing at all
maybe it's all about the fall
and i feel that we got something to give
can the way we feel be the way we live

So what if we live so many lives
then we must have loved so many times
If love lives on when the body dies
we make a soul family of silver ties

One day we'll eave this trouble and strife to meet all our past lovers from all our past lives
Track Name: Puzzle
Why is this a puzzle
of which i am a piece
is there something I'm s'posed to solve?

After I surrender, you say you want to be friends
But you're not someone that I can talk to

You make me feel so lonely when you're right in front of me
Did we not have a moment? didn't we?

People are what they are, and they'll never be what you want them to be
People are what they are so set yourself free from what they want you to be
Track Name: The Sweet Sunshine Of Love
I don't think that I mind
The sweet sunshine of love
And nothing is as fine
as holding the one that you dream of

But lifes full of questions
Just leaves you guessing
could grace be with me
could grace be mine

Sometimes your life falls apart at the seams
crumbling crushing destroying your dreams
your last in the darkness looking above
reaching out for the sweet sunshine of love
Track Name: A War Like You
I let everyone in, I let everyone see
yeah i'm taking a risk that you might take advantage of me
yeah i may be defensive about the odd bruise
but if I hold it in there is something greater I might lose

Why did I wanna be with a war like you

And so I am out here with nothing to lose
and you hold our love to ransom because it's strength that you want to prove
well i know that there is more than one truth
than an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth
Track Name: MF
You'd rather live your life in any other way
But some motherfucker took you out
so baby dry your eyes, it's gonna be ok
When some motherfucker takes you out

Dreams of love

You got your broken pride, you're gonna need some glue
When some motherfucker takes you out
But baby cry it out, it's all that you can do
When some motherfucker takes you out

Dreams of Love
Track Name: May You Always Admire Your Trail of Wreckage
Wake up on the floor no pants in trouble
grovel to your feet with your eyes seeing double
babe in the bedroom breast uncovered
the leg of someone sleeping in the cupboard

They're right about youth it doesn't last forever
only several years you look good in leather
with time on your side you don't see it's treasure
waiting around doesn't bring you pleasure oh no

The time of your life is right now this second
the time to be here is right now I reckon
The job that you work in, treading water
your life hasn't turned out quite like thought of

You try to avoid the most disaster
Avoiding risk is now your master
but it's holding you down causing you sorrow
this hope of a better never coming tomorrow oh no

You gotta admire your trail of wreckage